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Golden Harbour has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with LMC for the territory of United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain with effect from 1st January 2021.

We are delighted to announce another feather in the cap of Golden Harbour and with this appointment as exclusive agents of LMC Products from Europe, we are now in a position to offer our customers the complete range of LMC Hydraulic Pipe & Tube Clamps from our stock. The Clamps are available in various materials like Polypropylene, Polyamide, Aluminum, etc with metals parts in SS 316L, Zinc plated, Phosphated and different combinations to suit the demands of the end users. Specialized Clamps can also be designed & manufactured as per Project / Client requirements.

LMC has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality and cost-effective hydraulic and pneumatic components. They are one of the largest clamp manufacturers in Europe with our 10.000 sqm plant in Turkey . With their own molding facilities, they are flexible and fast enough to supply our customer’s tailor made products. LMC products are in use in 45 different countries all over the World.

LMC products are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified and coming with Lloyd’s Register Type Approval Certificate. LMC products are compatible & interchangeable with all the renowned Clamps manufacturers in the world.

Hydraulics pipe clamps represent about 70% of LMC business while recent investments are progressively supporting the growth of other components like plastic tapered plugs, hydraulic tank covers, level gauges, U-bolts and metal pipe clamps...

Standard Serie Clamps & (DIN 3015/1)
Standard Series Clamps are manufactured according to DIN 3015/1 norms and ideal for all applications. Clamp series are made of PP, PA, AL, TPE and its metal parts are carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

Size Range : 6 mm - 102 mm
Heavy Series Pipe Clamps & (DIN 3015/2)
Heavy Series Clamps which are manufactured according to DIN 3015/2 norms, are ideal for heavy constructions and high vibration applications. This series are made of PP, PA, AL, TPE and its metal parts are carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.
Size Range : 6 mm - 406 mm
Twin Series Clamps & (DIN 3015/3)
Twin Series Clamps are ideal for tandem pipe applications which are manufactured according to DIN 3015/3 norms. This series are made of PP, PA, TPE and its metal parts are carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

Size Range : 6 mm - 42 mm.
Rubber Insert Pipe Clamps
These clamps are mainly in use for hose applications, can be manufactured as standard series and heavy series. The clamp body sizes are 6 mm-32 mm for standard series and 6 mm-133 mm for heavy series. The bodies as PP, PA or TPE with an elastomer insert part makes the life time of the hose longer.
Metal Clamps
The Metal Clamps from 15 mm to 900 mm diameter are manufactured according to DIN 3570,
DIN 1592,
DIN 1593,
DIN 1596,
DIN 1597,
DIN 3567-A and DIN 3567-B Norms.
Railway System Clamps
Railway system clamps have been exclusively engineered according to the requirements of this market.
All the bodies are made of flame resistant plastics. Metal parts could be manufactured as carbon steel or stainless steel upon request.

Plastic Caps & Plugs
With 150 different products, plastic caps&plugs can be used safely in all industrial applications and made of various raw materials such as PE, PVC, PA..etc.
Custom Design Clamps
Custom designed clamps for hoses, pipes, cables or any other components according to customers needs can be designed and manufactured as plastic, aluminium, steel or stainless steel.
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